Dr. Carmen Pop, DDS - Doctor Dental Surgeon, U of T Instructor, Past owner of Yrokville Dental

Thank You!

Great Privilege

I have been providing dental care for more than 30 years. It has been a great priviledge to have you  as patients and provide you with my serices.


As a past owner of Yorkville Dental  I would like to thank all the patients for their trust and appreciation. You all have been wonderful, I hope I will be friends with many of you. 


I will enjoy the warm South a bit without worries and then we will see... I am exploring many options; I will let everyone know...



Current Endeavors


I am dedicating in sharing my knowledge and experience with students. I teach every Thursday at University of Toronto 

Sugar-free Baking

Members of the family, friends and patients have been fighting diabetis. Most of them love good sweets and great food. What would you think of sugar free cookies and cakes?  

What about some..rest..

Will try to enjoy a bit more this world, its marvels , arts , culture and some good movies... 

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Dr. Carmen Pop,DDS

To be announced in 2018